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Directions of use

Dispense with a small amount onto palms and smooth over wet or dry hair

To control static or flyaways, smooth over dry hair

Leave in


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Neo Leaf Hair Tonic is a nourishing treatment to enhance the quality of your hair and scalp. This hair tonic helps to moisturise your scalp and maintain a clean and healthy scalp. It also helps eliminate itching and dandruff on the scalp. 




Sodium mono nitro guaiacol (MNG), hexaplant complex, sensitive coloring matter T7, ca-pantothenate, salicylic acid.


Direction of use


Remove the security tab and shake can

Spray your style with Elnett in short bursts from about 35 cm away for an even distribution throughout



Apply to damp or dry hair and do not rinse. Style as desired.

Can also be used on the body.


Product details of Aromatic Crystal Repair 125ml

Anti-frizz serum for split-ends & frizzy dry hair

It treats split-ends

Long-lasting frizz protection

Provides smoothness, shine



Using the suggested proportion of Ionic Thermo Treatment Mask and Ionic Thermo Serum. Apply onto hair, use Thermo Iron or Streamer to activate the benefit ingredients as according to instructio. After completion, leave for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


How to use:

- Step1: Wash hair, partially dry and apply a thermal spray

- Step 2: Put wind spin diffuser on blow dryer

- Step 3: :Put sections of hair in the wind spin diffuser, turn on blow dryer low to moderate heat

- Step 4: Move Diffuser up and down on hair section for a approx. 15 seconds then repeat on all sections of hair you want curled

- Size: 21 x 16.5 x 6.3cm

- Material: Plastic

- Package: 1 x Hair Dryer Curl Di



Ideal for hair salon, hairdressing etc

It can be used to water the flowers or clean the windows etc.



100% brand new and unused

Convenient to use

Spray design

Useful and multifunctional tool

Simple but lightweight design

Material: Aluminum



Contains original essence of natural aloes, giving your hairs more through protection.

Made from the purest of material, its quality is uniquely superior.

Fortified with hand protection ingredient. It is most ideal for use by hair-beauty professional.

No harm to hand is guaranteed even under constant use.



Unique wind outlet, equal hot wind distribution.

Optimal shaping speed and shaping effect.

Novel and streamline appearance design.

High temperature resistant of anti-aging plastic shell.

Designed to fit all commercially available hair dryers.

Carefully manufactured with quality materials to guarantee long life.



Power connection part & rotating two-dimensional swivel cord

Ideally designed for the user’s convenience, it rotates 360 degrees without tangles


‘Cool tip’ against heat delivery (Patent Technology applied)

The minimized contact between cool tip and heated case reduces and dissipates the heat delivery for safe styling.


Ceramic heaters & specially treated ceramic coated/anodized plates

The anodized heating platers that are specially ceramic-coated emit a host of far-infrared ray and negative ion and enhance the brilliant.


Cushion & Tilt

Thanks to the enhanced adherence and pressure between plates, heat even




Color: Black


Input voltage: AC220V-240V/50Hz


Reachable temperature range: 100 °C ~ 230°C


Time to reach max. temperature: 20 seconds



Digital computerized temperature control system;

Advanced heating system with high heating speed;

Floating, high quality with extremely smooth ceramic coated plates;

Anion releasing when plate


2 metal ceramic heater, 30 seconds rapid heat up

60 minutes automatic power-off protection

Titanium coated barrel

Adjustable temperature for different hair type

Temperature :80-210℃

Voltage :100-240V

Power : 50W

Titanium coating barrel

Adjustable temperature setting

Rapid double ceramic heaters

Rubberized support stand

Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfortable in hand

360' swivel cord

Digital temperature display